A View from Gurukrupa Sringeri A View Sringeri Sharadamba Temple A View Sringeri Sharadamba Temple

Pilgrim Centre

Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Best Place to Stay in Sringeri for Tourist

Sringeri is a serene and picturesque Pilgrim Centre in the plateau of the Western Ghats. Situated on the bank of River Tunga in Chikamagaluru district, Karnataka state, It is about 96 Km from nearest railway station, be it Birur or Shimoga. It is 107 Km from Mangalore on the west coast.

There are buses frequently plying from these places to Sringeri. Buses also run between Sringeri and Bangalore, which is about 320Km south east of Sringeri. Though arduous, the journey is enjoyable through the undulating hills and thick forest. Sringeri is also close to other pilgrim center such as Udupi, Subramanya and Darmastala.

All vexations of the road are forgotten once you reach Sringeri. The enchanting scenic beauty, the refreshing bath in the cool waters of the Tuga, Darshana of Goddess Sharada, and the gracious blessing of Acharya leave you with sublime feeling. The matha maintains a Darmashala and several guest houses for visitors convenience.

Distances from Sringeri
Agumbe: 27 Kms
Kigga: 9 Kms (Rishya Shringa Temple)
Kalasa: 73 Kms
Horanadu: 80 Kms
Bangalore: 340 Kms