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Pilgrim Centre

Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Sringeri shradamba temple

How to reach Sringeri

Sringeri is a serene and picturesque Pilgrim Centre in the plateau of the Western Ghats. Situated on the bank of River Tunga in Chikamagaluru district, Karnataka state, It is about 96 Km from nearest railway station, be it Birur or Shimoga. It is 107 Km from Mangalore on the west coast.

There are buses frequently plying from these places to Sringeri. Buses also run between Sringeri and Bangalore, which is about 320Km south east of Sringeri. Though arduous, the journey is enjoyable through the undulating hills and thick forest. Sringeri is also close to other pilgrim center such as Udupi, Subramanya and Darmastala.

All vexations of the road are forgotten once you reach Sringeri. The enchanting scenic beauty, the refreshing bath in the cool waters of the Tuga, Darshana of Goddess Sharada, and the gracious blessing of Acharya leave you with sublime feeling. The matha maintains a Darmashala and several guest houses for visitors convenience.

Vidyashankara Temple - Ancient Architectural Masterpiece

Built around the Samadhi of Vidyathirtha, this is a beautiful and interesting temple which bears a slight resemblance to an old Chariot. It combines the general features of Dravidian style with the Vijayanagara style. Standing on a richly sculpted plinth, this temple has six doorways. Twelve pillars surrounding the mandapa with figures of the twelve signs of the zodiac. They are constructed in such an ingenious way that the rays of the sun fall on each pillar in the chronological order of the twelve months of the Hindu calendar. Each column is topped by a Yali with a rolling stone ball in its mouth.

Distances from Sringeri

Agumbe: 27 Kms
Kigga: 9 Kms (Rishya Shringa Temple)
Kalasa: 73 Kms
Horanadu: 80 Kms
Bangalore: 340 Kms

Places around Sringeri

There are a number of famous Hindu Pilgrimage Centres and temples near Sringeri. Some of the major ones include, Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple, Hariharapura, Kigga (Rishyashringa Temple). Read more...